The Emperor Humayun's Garden Tomb

Double Dome

Double Dome

Humayun's Tomb actually has two domes. The massive white marble dome that Humayun's Tomb is known for is built on top of the dome that is visible as the ceiling of the cenotaph chamber. This is a double dome. "The integration of drum into the inner dome creates an optimized form in order to absorb the horizontal thrust. Consequently, the outer dome becomes more stable against lateral forces when compared to a single tall drum."1 As a result of this the dome is able to achieve greater height and the ability to support forms that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

1. Paulo B. Lourenco, Ali Tavakoli Dinani, and Solmaz Sadeghi, "A Double Dome Through the Ages: Building Technology and Performance of Esfahan Shah Mosque’s Dome," in Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions: An Interdisciplinary Approach, ed. R. Aguilar et al. (Cham, Switzerland: Spring, 2019), 89-90.


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Double Dome
Humayun's Tomb's Double Dome
Double Dome
A double dome is able to get more height.
The combination of the tall drum and the double dome makes Humayun's Tomb's dome soar over the mausoleum.

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