Emperor Humayun's Garden Tomb

Cusped Arch

Cusped Arches

Also known as a polylobed or polyfoil arch, a cusped arch is an arch with the arch's  underside lined with cusps. Cusps are "pointed projections formed by two intersecting arches."1 Adding cusps to the baradari's arches, creates a row of stylized floral shapes. At Humayun's Garden Tomb, this stylized floral shape is also seen in Humayun's Tomb's kangura and the baradari's chini-khana niches.

1. Francis D.K. Ching, A Visual Dictionary of Architecture, 2nd ed. (Hoboken: Wiley, 2011), 275.


A Cuesped Arch

A Cusped Arch

Cusped Arches Springing off Balusters

Cusped Arches Springing from Balusters

Cusped Arches on a Baradai Porch

Cusped Arches on the Baradari's Porch

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