Emperor Humayun's Garden Tomb



A chhatri is "a domed kiosk supported on pillars."1

Chhatris can be found at three locations in Humayun's Garden Tomb.

There is a pair of chhatris in what would be a good position for a pair of lookout posts on top of the West Gate's facade. The chhatris greet tourists as they approach the garden tomb.

There is a set of four blue-domed chhatris on top of the Barber's Tomb, one at each corner.

Humayun's Tomb has eight blue-domed chhatris, a pair on each pishtaq. Four larger chhatris are distributed on the roof directly above the ancillary chambers. All of the chhatris on top of Humayun's Tomb are functional pavilions. The blue-domed chhatris can be accessed by staircases that are inside of the roof pavilions that are located within the top of each pishtaq.

1. Catherine B. Asher, Architecture of Mughal India (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992), xxv.


A blue chhatri sits on each end of the pishtaqs' roof pavilions.
A Large Chhatri from Humayun's Tomb's Roof Terrace
A Chhatri from the Barber's Tomb

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