Emperor Humayun's Garden Tomb

Wall Mosque

Charbagh Garden Plan

Humayun's Garden Tomb is essentially a mausoleum that sits in a large garden with a charbagh plan.

A charbagh garden is a garden that is divided by two intersecting channels of water.1 Catherine Asher explains why Humayun's Garden Tomb is considered a charbagh garden and what this means.

Upon entering any gate, the centrally situated tomb and its charbagh setting are visible. Each of the four garden plots is further sub-divided by narrower waterways. Based on the charbagh types established in Iran and more fully developed in Babur's own concept of the ideal garden, such formalized and geometrically planned garden settings became standard for all the imperial Mughal mausoleum and for those of many nobles as well. charbagh gardens long had been associated with paradisaical imagery. But at Humayun's tomb, the association is all the more explicit, for the water channels appear to vanish beneath the actual mausoleum yet reappear in their same straight course on the opposite side. This evokes a Qur'anic verse which describes rivers flowing beneath gardens of paradise.2

As Asher explains how the water channels  appear to flow underneath Humayun's Tomb, the water channels also appear to flow underneath the Grave Platform and the Barber's Tomb.

1. Catherine B. Asher, Architecture of Mughal India (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992), xxv.

2. ibid, 45.


The Wall Mosque
Humayun's Garden Tomb is comprised of four nearly square sections.
Building Plan of The Wall Mosque
Babur Laying Out the Garden of Fidelity
The Wall Mosque's Qibla wall.
The main water channels define the entire garden tomb as a charbagh garden.

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